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Oratory and effective presentation skills require the harmonious use of body language, tone of voice and mind.

  • Body language helps the speaker communicate with the audience by using elements such as gestures, facial expressions and posture correctly.

  • The use of tone of voice and emphasis attracts the attention of the audience by emphasizing the importance of the message.

  • In addition, reason, which includes the processes of collecting accurate information, organizing and presenting, is the basis of an effective speech.

Only by bringing these three elements together can the speaker deliver an effective oratory or eye-catching presentation that attracts the attention of the audience.



  • To gain the ability to use correct and understandable communication techniques,

  • Your mind; Understand its impact on content, body and language,

  • To develop the ability to prepare accurate and interesting content,

  • To gain awareness about the rights and wrongs to pay attention to in body language,

  • To gain the ability to speak confidently and comfortably in front of the public,

  • Ensuring correct breathing and excitement management,

  • To develop the ability to use correct intonation and emphasis,

  • To develop the behavior of using techniques that can interact with the audience and save the presentation/speech from monotony.

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