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Professional Coaching 

Coaching is one of the most valuable learning tools both in discovering individual potential and in the corporate development journey. Coaching helps improve the leadership performance of managers and manager candidates; It enables teams to increase productivity by supporting the co-creation process. 

Even the smallest changes made in senior managers can cause major transformations for institutions. In this context, managers and management candidates who want to make the necessary behavioral changes or reveal their potential in their development journey prefer to receive coaching support.

Executive Coaching is a process that supports senior and middle level managers to achieve their medium and long-term corporate goals by improving their leadership skills and increasing their performance. The coaching process, which encourages the manager to use his leadership identity more strongly by encouraging him to put the knowledge he has into practice, helps to increase the manager's individual contribution to corporate success.

  • In the executive coaching processA structured and target-oriented support process is offered to our clients.

  • The coaching process is planned as 8-12 sessions and the sessions are held every 2-4 weeks on average.

  • At the end of the process, the results achieved regarding the target are evaluated and the extent of behavioral change is determined.


Team Coaching

Leaders and teams work to fulfill the companies' vision and mission. A team coach supports the formation and continuity of high-performance teams. Team coaching is a structured group process, led by a professional coach, created to increase the combined energy and efficiency obtained from this energy to achieve organizational and individual goals. With team coaching; While employees learn to trust and respect each other, they develop open communication behavior with each other. 

  • It is extremely important to involve the entire team in the process.

  • The number of team members participating in the session is based on the standards determined and recommended by ICF.

  • It covers a period of approximately 7 sessions starting from the observation session.

  • There are 10 - 30 days between each session, depending on the team's situation. These times are decided together with the team.

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