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Internal Customer Analysis

Considering your employees as a value, we analyze supporting data to increase the performance and efficiency of your organization and report it with special action plans. Your employees are your internal customers.  We support you in developing appreciation and reward processes to make them feel valued.

In this context; We measure employee satisfaction, employee loyalty, job satisfaction, internal marketing, charismatic leadership, socio-cultural adaptation and burnout. With these measurements, we enable you to obtain data to determine the satisfaction level of employees, their commitment to their institutions, job satisfaction, internal communication, leadership quality, social and cultural harmony, and burnout risk.

With the analysis of this data, we help understand your employees' expectations and identify areas for improvement. In this way, we offer customized solutions and action plans to increase the motivation and performance of your employees.


With plans designed to understand your needs and meet your requirements, we are here to help you create a culture within your organization that encourages collaboration and success while increasing the well-being and satisfaction of your employees.

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