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Interactive and Collective Learning Model

We Implement Our Trainings in 5-Stage Process


Action Step



Intermodel Transfer

Exersice/Simulations: It is the practice phase where participants start with an exercise (simulation, drama, drawing, etc.) within the training subject.


Analysis/Reflection: It is the stage where analyzes are made based on the application, feelings and thoughts are expressed, experiences are shared, and the results are analyzed.

Scientific Data:Scientific data such as globally accepted research, models, theories and statistics are presented. A connection is established between these data and the evaluations resulting from the participants' analyses.

Intermodel Transfer:It is the stage where participants establish a relationship between the experience and scientific data they gained during the learning process and their own realities in a large simulation.

Active Action Step:It is the step taken towards change from the experience gained throughout the training. Each participant/department determines steps regarding what needs to be changed as a result of the awareness they experience.

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